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The Past

The House of Consciousness is a historical pillar inside the city of Norfolk, Virginia.

It is originally known under the name The Self-Development Center which was

founded by the communities beloved ancestor Brother George.

In 2010, the business was officially converted into what is now known as the 


The HoC now acts as a refuge for lost history, ancient cultures, revived movements,

and an untraditional school of thought.  


The Present 

Currently, the House of Consciousness sits deep within the heart of Norfolk, Virginia.

At 633 W 35th street, the HoC acts as a bookstore, ritual shop, health emporium,

venue, classroom, temple, and ALL VEGAN restaurant. 

It holds a variety or stones and herbs that can be used for healing,

protection, or clarity. Many speakers rotate through this portal as many patrons

rummage through the businesses confines hoping to to find a hidden gem

so it may be exposed definitively to their own consciousness.

But what brings most people together is Jikoni Cafe'.

That is the hallmark of the HoC's existence. This all vegan dine-in facility

is famous for serving an original meat-substitute dish called Kush,

which is an African grain originating from the mediterranean region.

Still, in the mean time and in-between time, the HoC gives many free classes open

to the public as well as lectures executed by nationally recognized teachers.  

The Future

The House of Consciousness looks to move forward in it's endeavors

by growing in impact, influence and intelligence.

Through the books and artwork the HoC will enlighten the people,

through the oils and herbs it will heal them,,

through the crystals and classes it will protect them,

and through the kitchen it will fuel many to work towards evolution.


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